About Us!

In 2001 Devard Darling lost his twin brother, Devaughn, while attending and playing football at Florida State University.

Many people can't imagine the heartache of losing a sibling, let alone a twin. Devard began the As One Foundation with the intention of celebrating his brother's life and honoring his legacy.

“It’s not everyday you meet a young man like Devaughn, ask anyone who knew him…teachers, friends, family… He was more then just a beast on the field; he was passionate, kind, generous, goal-oriented, humble, tenderhearted, quick to forgive, quick to tell you if you weren’t acting right. He was very outgoing and fun; he was a friend to everyone he met. Just an outstanding human being. And I miss him.” – Devard Darling, Founder and President

Devard also wanted to do everything he could to help save other families from experiencing the same pain from something that is so preventable. Your support helps reach more people with Operation Hydration, our signature training program that allows us to teach student athletes, coaches, training staff and parents about sickle cell trait awareness, hydration and prevention of sports-related deaths. We firmly believe that sickle cell trait is not a "death sentence" and that sports-related deaths are preventable with education and awareness.


Why Give to Support the As One Foundation?

We appreciate your support and thought you'd like to know how we put your donations to work here at the As One Foundation. Rest assured, your generosity is changing lives by funding great work!
  • Over $100,000 in scholarships to nearly 100 Houston-area high school seniors
  • Over 5200 hours of sickle cell trait (SCT) education and professional development for 700+ coaches and teachers
  • 14+ FREE sports camps in Nassau and Freeport, Bahamas reaching more than 2,000 kids
  • Training material and testing kits for the Operation Hydration training program & Supplies for outreach efforts such as the Darling Dash 10k/5K/1K and Disaster Relief aid.